Are you a sex worker impacted by COVID-19? Email or call 617-431-6174 to see if you are eligible to receive emergency microgrants! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE EMERGENCY FUND.


SWOP Boston is run by and for sex workers. We work to protect the fundamental human rights of all those involved in the sex trade. Our mission is to be a space for those in the sex trade to get support, receive material aid, build community, and organize for our liberation. For too long, we have been silenced and ignored while those in power use the spectacle of the sex trade to drive their own agendas. We have never been voiceless and we have never been powerless. We are workers who have survived in the face of criminalization, violence, and stigma. SWOP-Boston exists so we can collectively harness our wisdom and courage to better the world for us all.

COVID-19 Response